The Metaverse for boards and management teams

Fundamental understanding of the Metaverse and its core technologies and their impact on organizations - in 2-4 hours.

Go beyond the buzzwords and gain clarity on how the Metaverse and its core technologies are already influencing your organization today and how you can strategically leverage their potential for your future business.


  • Understand the concept of the Metaverse and its underlying factors
  • Discover the relevance for your organization and culture
  • Experience the Metaverse live


  • Introductory presentation about the Metaverse
    • Misconceptions and definition(s)
    • Building blocks and relevant platforms
    • Opportunities and challenges
    • Outlook
  • First-hand VR experience
  • Discussion of use cases relevant for your business


  • 2-4 hours of your time (depending on depth of hands-on experience)
  • If we come to your offices: a low-latency guest Wi-Fi and multiple rooms to separate participants for the best immersion

A glimpse into our session with digitalswitzerland

Hear from our clients


Great insights and the live experience was amazing!

Marco Gadola
Marco Gadola
Board Member Straumann Holding AG

The Dimenteers provided us with a seamless and engaging introduction to the Metaverse. It was not only a delightful experience filled with laughter and dance but also a transformative way to collaborate like never before. I'm now fully convinced of the Metaverse's potential to redefine the business landscape.

Stefan Metzger
Stefan Metzger
CEO Digitalswitzerland

The setup with the Quest Pro went quite easily, so we were quickly able to collaborate in a productive environment.. For onboarding to the Metaverse, I recommend the Dimenteers who show off their tact, knowledge and curiosity.

Kudret Yildiz
Kudret Yildiz
Media Excellence Manager, Migros Fachmärkte

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