Immersive Remote Collaboration

Use immersive digital spaces - with or without headsets - to drive engagement, creativity and focus across locations and functions.

Go beyond the buzzwords and gain a firsthand experience of collaboration in Virtual Reality - feeling connected across the distance and being creative in ways only possible in a virtual environment.


  • Understand the concept of the Metaverse and its underlying factors
  • Discover the opportunities of VR collaboration for your organization
  • Experience the Metaverse live


  • Short introductory presentation about the Metaverse
  • First-hand VR experience with a focus on collaboration
  • Discussion of success factors and impact on employees


  • 2-4 hours of your time (depending on depth of hands-on experience)
  • If we come to your offices: a low-latency guest Wi-Fi and multiple rooms to separate participants for the best immersion

A glimpe into our collaboration session with isolutions

Hear from our clients


It was the first hands-on experience for my international Corporate Leadership Team. I especially liked the 3D visual and sound immersion, which gave us the feeling of being much closer than in any MS Teams meeting.

Johannes Müller
Johannes Müller
CEO, Dätwyler IT Infra AG

It was really cool to dive into the world of Metaverse collaboration with the Dimenteers! I can definitely see use cases for it in the future.

Pascal Grossniklaus
Pascal Grossniklaus
Partner & Co-Founder, isolutions AG

I can well imagine that the Metaverse will take a definite place between the physical meeting and the traditional video conference.

Dominique Fehlmann
Dominique Fehlmann
Head of Business Development & Corporate Responsibility and Head of Legal, Swiss International Air Lines

Why are we talking about VR collaboration as a strong Metaverse business case for companies?

The pandemic created a cultural shift due to the extensive use of 2D video platforms, such as MS Teams or Zoom. Studies e.g., from the American Psychological Association show that "Zoom fatigue" or "video conference fatigue" is widely present. Not being in contact with peers face-to-face and having consecutive Zoom meetings is also closely related to exhaustion for some. Additionally, many new joiners never fully integrated and had difficulty joining a company culture during that time.

Experience shows that 2D video calls work for transactional meetings, but might not be sufficient for transformational, creative collaboration. Our experience of extensively working in the metaverse ourselves for over one year confirms this opinion.

Surveys also show that in the business context, people are excited about the possibilities of offering better connectivity and options for collaborating.

That's why we see the metaverse and its corresponding platforms as a great opportunity to bridge the gap between face-to-face and video calls. It combines the sense of presence experienced in physical meetings (eye contact, gestures, spatial audio, …) with the upsides of video calls (remote access, virtual tools for inclusive collaboration, convenience, …).

With our clients, we have experienced how - if well done - metaverse collaboration can foster a greater sense of belonging for teams and spark creativity - even in people who had ex-antes not described themselves as creative or extraverted.

Moreover, we believe that collaboration in the metaverse will contribute to maintaining and evolving a company culture remotely – making metaverse collaboration a key success factor for the future success of global companies especially.

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