Immersive Learning - powered by VR and AI

Go beyond the buzzwords and gain a firsthand experience of immersive learning - discover the power of Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence for L&D.


  • Understand the concept of the Metaverse and its underlying factors
  • Discover the opportunities for immersive learning in your organization
  • Experience an immersive training session firsthand
  • Identify possible use cases for your organization


  • Short introductory presentation about the Metaverse and immersive learning
  • First-hand immersive learning experience
  • Discussion of use cases, success factors and impact on employees


  • 90-120 minutes of your time (depending on depth of hands-on experience)
  • If we come to your offices: a low-latency guest Wi-Fi and multiple rooms to separate participants for the best immersion

Hear from people who have tried it with us


The virtual reality demo was a learning experience to the heart of communication! It transcended the barriers of a traditional training environment, allowing us to confront difficult conversations with a newly discovered confidence that can only be described as transformative. This VR experience wasn't just about practicing our responses; it was a reflection about reshaping our approach to leadership and empathy in every interaction we encounter.

Patricia Taparelli
Patricia Taparelli
Leadership Development, Sonova

I must say, this experience truly stands out. The most striking scenario involved a virtual team member anxious about organizational changes, fearing potential redundancy. These conversations are always challenging, but experiencing such a realistic practice can be a game-changer, especially for a manager facing this for the first time. It was incredibly lifelike, transcending traditional learning methods. This felt like real-world practice, a vital asset for L&D. The experience has really opened my eyes to how immersive learning can transform our approach, making training more practical, engaging, and relevant to today's work challenges.

Aleksandra Potrykus
Aleksandra Potrykus
HR leader and founder of Shake Up The Workplace!

Why are we talking about immersive learning as a strong Metaverse business case for companies?

The immersive nature of VR surpasses standard e-learning, enabling participants to hone skills in settings that closely mimic real-world situations. This deep emotional connection to the material enhances retention.

Flexibility in terms of timing and location is a significant advantage over conventional classroom settings, aligning well with the busy schedules of numerous professionals.

Also numerous studies show the efficacy of immersive training.

Benefits for the (HR) organization

  • Independence of time and place
  • VR learning at scale has become cost-effective
  • Measurable, customizable
  • Consistency across organization
  • Can be applied to all levels and roles across organization
  • Holistically supports talent management

Benefits for the learners

  • Safe environment for practicing skills as well as for experimenting with different ways of solving issues
  • Higher retention (emotional engagement with the content makes the lessons more memorable)
  • Sense of autonomy, enhanced by independence of time and place
  • Highly engaging and motivating

A glimpe into an immersive training session

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