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The Metaverse – a game changer for business and society

In a world characterized by relentless technological advancement, the Metaverse and its core technologies are set to be game changers, disrupting the way organizations operate. We strongly believe that the Metaverse, as the next evolution of the internet, will profoundly impact every aspect of our personal and business lives. It promises vast opportunities for businesses of all sizes and a positive impact on society and the environment.

Therefore, it is imperative for executives to engage with the topic and understand the implications of the underlying elements as well as the potential applications and relate them to their professional context.

As a team, we are well prepared for organizations and individuals to start their journey in the Metaverse – because of our deep understanding of the core technologies and their applications, our extensive business know-how as well as our expertise in cultural and digital transformation.

Let us enable you to become a pioneer in the Metaverse!

What sets us apart?

Our Approach: Before diving into large projects, we start with small, risk-free, hands-on experiences and workshops to give our clients a first glimpse into the opportunities of Extended Reality (XR) and the Metaverse. Building on this, we offer pragmatic pilot projects leveraging the most promising use cases.

Our Focus: Our sole focus is XR / the Metaverse in the corporate context, with an emphasis on HR-related applications for Talent Management, Learning & Development, Culture and Collaboration. We deliver impactful, transformational projects by combining innovative solutions based on the Metaverse’s core technologies with our long-standing expertise.

Our Expertise: We are not just tech experts - we understand both business and leadership intricacies based on our collective experience in advising leadership teams across small to large organizations, industries and functional domains.

Our Contribution: As lead advisors, we assist our clients in finding the best implementation partners for their long-term needs instead of developing solutions. We do not only ensure that the implementation stays on track but infuse our clients' organizations with the necessary knowledge to build their own Metaverse muscles from proof of concept to proof of scale.

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Meet the Founders

Markus Meier

Markus Meier

About Markus
Markus is fascinated by new technologies and has a broad understanding of their impact on businesses. That's why he is convinced that the Metaverse and its core technologies are a "game changer" for the future development of organizations, society and the environment.
As an economist and entrepreneur, Markus builds on more than 20 years of international consulting experience in leadership assessment, leadership development and executive coaching at board and C-suite level, most recently as founder and Partner at xcg executive consulting group. Before that, Markus advised organisations from various industries at the interface of business and IT.
Other Engagements
Markus is still linked with xcg executive consulting group as a board member. He is also a founding partner of CastleClassics - a format for classical chamber music. Finally, Markus continues to coach leaders and to support them in their development and career advancement.
Fun Fact
For many years, Markus has had a soft spot for horses and enjoys spending time in the saddle to keep improving his skills in classical dressage.
Isabel Steinhoff

Isabel Steinhoff

About Isabel
Driven by an unquenchable curiosity, Isabel loves working at the intersection of strategy, technology and people – now, as co-founder of Dimenteers.
For over 10 years, Isabel worked in the media industry and management consulting. She previously served as Managing Partner at Parato, a digital transformation network that included more than 20 member companies with over 450 employees.
Other Engagements
Isabel is also a board member at the agency Sichtbar Online Marketing AG and the "ICT Scouts" association fostering young tech talents and co-initiated the Future of Work Ecosystem “Shake Up The Workplace”.
Fun Fact
Isabel loves moderating events and podcasts and is a busy freelance journalist focusing on digital innovation, new business models and education.
Terry Kleinert

Terry Kleinert

About Terry
As a psychologist, HR manager and change management consultant, his focus is on leadership development, corporate culture and organizational development.
Terry is a forward-thinking global HR leader and has worked in large, multinational organizations such as Zurich Insurance, ABB or Amcor at the global and regional levels in senior talent management roles. He has led talent teams (25+) in multiple locations and is known for his passion to develop organizations and top talent.
Other Engagements
Terry runs a portfolio of projects focusing on people and leaders. If there is an exciting project with a great client … count him in.
Fun Fact
Terry practiced karate for 15 years and has recently switched to yoga 😉

Where does the name "Dimenteers" come from?

To us, Dimenteers is more than just the name of our company - it's a testament to our ethos. Drawing inspiration from 'new dimensions', 'frontier technologies', and 'pioneer spirit', it reflects our passion for exploring fresh perspectives, pushing boundaries, and leading the charge in transformative business solutions enabled by the frontier technologies of the Metaverse.

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